Software Development Life Cycle


“Career transformed from producing defects stage to controlling defects and then assuring no defects stage” - G.N.Mallikarjuna Rao

The website 'webs' enables me to share my thoughts and experiences to young professionals who need guidance in the area of Software Development Life Cycle. Though there are numerous books and material available just a click away on internet, however it is still worth understanding personal experiences of professionals. The website covers starting from pre-sales to maintenance of software products or services. Mostly the emphasis is on testing and quality assurance. There is a special section in Quality page to guide an organization how to define, implement, and maintain best suitable own quality standard apart from international standards which are useful for marketing. 

I can not stop thanking the management of 'webs' site which is a wonderful platform to enable professionals to share their experiences and thoughts to the world by authoring and publishing instantly. I can see numerous visitors dramatically increasing day by day. I hope the content is useful to understand, implement and get right results. I love to receive feedback and make modifications to the content of the site accordingly.I also encourage site members should they be interested to share with me their personal experiences of solutions that they came across.

Note: Since I draft the content of my site online and publish it immediately there could be possibility of typos, Please accept my apologies for the same, I keep updating the site and refine it now and then.